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Natural Ways To Induce Labor: What Works?

When your pregnancy goes well beyond the due date, your doctor could recommend chemical induction. The use of medication to artificially start or induce labor should be resorted to, only if the pregnancy jeopardizes the health of the mother or the baby. This is because, in up to half the cases, chemical induction leads to a Cesarean birth, or the use of the vacuum method. A Cesarean delivery keeps you doped, and confined to your bed in the first few days of your babys life, and you may also face difficulties in breast-feeding. A vacuum delivery may dislocate the babys shoulder.

There are some natural ways to induce labor, in order to avoid medical induction.

One of the most commonly used is nipple stimulation, which leads to the release of a hormone called oxytocin. The synthetic version of oxytocin is commonly used to chemically induce labor. A bumpy car ride works for at least some, and so does having sex. Exercise, such as walking, using a swing, belly dancing, using a hoola hoop, and squatting for a short while, helps your baby to descend better and your cervix to dilate. This in turn increases your own natural oxytocin release, which brings on labor.

Relaxing to reduce muscle tension is also very important, because tension and stress can get in the way of your labor. Meditation and visualization are excellent ways not only to relax, but also to get labor started. Your imagination and subconscious mind are powerful tools. Just by thinking of your favorite food you start to feel hungry or by imagining something scary you become terrified. Likewise, focusing your mind on labor helps to bring it on and progress with it.

Taking in herbs like blue or black cohosh should always be under the supervision of a doctor or a herbalist, because these herbs can be poisonous. Blue cohosh can be harmful for the babys heart, and black can lead to excess hemorrhaging during labor. Drinking cumin or red raspberry leaf tea, or applying evening primrose oil locally on the cervix can also be tried, although there is no evidence that these remedies actually help in starting up labor.

The only natural labor inducing remedy, which has been shown to work, is acupressure. This simple method of pressing specific spots on your skin has the ability to start labor in most mothers with overdue pregnancies.

Not only has labor acupressure been proven to be effective, it is also safe. There is no risk that acupressure done observing its basic rules, could harm the mother or the baby. What is great is that you can use some of these same labor acupressure methods to get relief from labor pains and certain other discomforts during labor.

To use acupressure, all you need to know is how to press certain points on your body. This is so simple, that it can be done by the father of the baby, or anyone else, who is helping you out with the delivery. Acupressure is a method that does not over-stimulate your body. You just cant administer too much of it, as your body takes in only what it needs to function optimally.

Labor acupressure not only gets the contractions going, but also ripens the cervix, and helps to descend the baby. It helps in reducing labor pain, and so you can say goodbye to an excess drug dosage, or an epidural. This means that you can be alert and loving and ready to hold your baby in your arms as soon as the delivery is over.

Before you use acupressure to induce labor at home, ensure that you have reached the 41st week of pregnancy. And, of course, have your bag packed and ready using acupressure really produces results!

Are you overdue and tired? You can encourage your labor to start naturally at home and avoid medical induction. Labor acupressure is a simple method that has proven to be effective and safe for the mother and the baby. The most effective acupressure points that naturally induce labor, give labor pain relief and help in any stage you might get stuck in during you labor, are revealed in a new labor acupressure guide "Easier, Shorter and Safer Birth" by Lena Leino. Visit for more information.

Intestancy: Passing Without Estate Planning - What Happens?

If a person passes on without estate planning of any kind, whether that planning is some kind of will or trust, they are said to have died intestate. Intestate law is the law that decides how assets are transferred and creditors satisfied if a person passes on without saying who gets the house, the car or the guarded family apple pie receipe. Intestacy law is a set of fall back provisions or rules that govern where the assets go, so that the state does not have to decide in each individual case what happens. Intestacy laws are like the default settings on computer program; they are there unless you intentionally alter them. Since most people die intestate, state intestacy laws govern how most peoples assets are distributed after their passing. Sometimes, even when a person has a valid will, if that will does not cover some portion of their property, then state intestacy laws will be used as gap-fillers or fallback measures so that all assets are covered.

Although state intestacy laws are best seen as a set of state laws that govern what happens to property left by those who did not make a will or trust, they also reflect some of the other needs a state has. First, states seem to make an attempt to ask what the normal person in the deceased place would want done with their assets. This is an important question because the answers given will reflect what state legislators think a normal person is and would want. It is easy for the legislature to over look non-traditional relationships, such as non-marital co-inhabitants, lesbian and gay life partners and children born out of wedlock or even stepchildren. This can bring about tremendous animosity among the people you care most about; so the best plan is to get a will or trust to protect those you love if nothing else.

However, your wishes are not the only goal that states keep in mind in drafting intestacy laws. The state may wish to maintain a system where parcels of land are owned by a single person rather than a group of people; because such groups have a tendency to sue each other over property they all have an interest in and this creates problems and expenses for the state itself. In addition, your state may have an avowed policy of attempting to promote traditional family relationships and use its power to craft intestacy laws to give assets to family members that the state deems more worthy. Even if you are someone who normally prefers more traditional family relationships, there is no guarantee that the relationships your state decides are traditional and your understanding of the traditional family will be the same.

Finally, you are in the best position to decide who is to have your assets, because you actually know the people involved; to the state the people involved are people who occupy abstract positions in your life, like spouse, child or parent. You are the one who is in the best position to decide who among your heirs should get something (or anything at all) from your estate, because these people play a greater role in your life than merely occupying some abstract position. They are the people you have laughed with, shared meals with, raised and have had raise you, cuddled with and loved. This is by no means to suggest that what people mean to you can only be known through your will or even be known through your will at all. It is rather to suggest that you should decide who gets what asset because you know what those around you value and enjoy. You should decide what happens with your assets, because chances are you earned them and should be the one to decide how they would best be passed on.

About Ronald E. Hudkins; Ronald Hudkins is a retired military enlisted member that was assigned as a staff researcher. He was responsible to compile, write or conduct; reports, studies, statistics, reviews, plans, inspections, lessons and numerous other tasks deemed essential to operational efforts. His actions allowed superior, peer and subordinate commands, their designated leaders and staffs make vital and logical decisions. The ability to identify, analyze and propose solutions is a trait still exercised. For additional asset protection and estate planning needs he suggests his web site:

Protect Your Cat Against Sunburn And Skin Cancer.

We are all used to seeing the many advertisements on our televisions about protecting ourselves and our children from the summer sun, but do we ever think about protecting our pets? Probably not. However cats and dogs can get sun burnt too and with the same terrible consequences that causes, including the possibility of skin cancer.

Cats who are outside a lot during the summer, especially those with light coloured fur are particularly at risk from the effects of the sun and the heat. So before we let our pets outside on a summer’s day we must make sure we provide adequate care for them, just as we would for our children and ourselves.

Areas particularly at risk on your pets are their ears. They often have a much lighter covering of fur and this makes them much more likely to burn in the sun. Add this to the fact that cats will often spend hours laying in the sun and the risks of skin cancer rise dramatically. Often in Mediterranean countries you will often see a lot of cats with both their ears missing. This is because that the region receives a lot of hot sunny weather and skin cancer on cats has become so common that owners will often ask the vet to remove the cats ears to reduce the risk of them catching skin cancer. Another method used is to have the ears tattooed all over in black; this helps to reflect the sun and provides protection.

Of course there are other simpler methods to protect your pet from the effects of the sun. Simply remember when you let your pet out on a hot summers day, make sure you rub a high factor sun cream onto the ears and areas which are not as covered with a thick layer of fur. Some breeds have a very thin covering of fur all over, and it might be safer to keep these breeds inside on very hot sunny days.

Also make sure that you provide plenty of fresh water for your pet which is readily available all through the day. Perhaps have several bowls of water dotted about the garden in a cool spot. Of course making sure that there are plenty of shady places that your pet can keep cool is essential. The affects of heat stroke can come on very fast and if not treated promptly can be fatal. If you suspect that your pet is suffering from heat stroke i.e. is panty very heavily and seems to be wobbly on their legs and disorientated. Cool them down immediately in a bath of cool water and then take them immediately to a vet.

All of the above are quite simple and affective steps, which will protect your pet during the summer months. A little time and thought could save both you and your pet any suffering and will ensure that summertime is enjoyed by every member of your family. More helpful tips for looking after our cat can be found at

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Sexual Dysfunction in Women - Treatment Overview

Sexual dysfunction is lack interest and lack of sexual satisfaction. Sexual dysfunction in women is very common. It affects up to 40% of women, most commonly young women, and tends to decrease with age

Female Sexual dysfunction could be due to a number of factors as

Emotional stress.

Feeling guilt about sex.

Poor self esteem

Sexual abuse

Fear of being pregnant

Intake of medicines

Diseases like blood pressure and diabetes.

Vaginal infections.


If you do not want to have sex or do not feel good about sex then you could have sexual disorder. There are four types of sexual disorder

Arousal disorder- when there is no sexual response in the body.

Desire disorder-when the woman is not interested in sex and does not want to have sex

Orgasmic disorder-when a female cannot have an orgasm or feel pain during orgasm. There is delay or no orgasm following a normal sexual excitement phase

Sexual pain disorder-when the woman has pain during or after sex.

Most of the women after menopause experience sexual dysfunction due to change in hormone production and circulatory conditions. An effective treatment plan set by your medical professional may definitely resolve the problem

To overcome the problem of sexual dysfunction one can have other sexual activities such as oral sex, message or masturbation. You can also visualize sex to increase your desire for sex. Foreplay as it helps in good arousal.

In many cases sexual dysfunction may be treated by exercises and counseling at home. To get out of the problem the females should be open up with their partners if there is any emotional problem. Talking with your partner could help you out of the problem the sexual disorder and if it is due to health problems than your doctor could help you out. You should also avoid too much of alcohol and smoking. Make your lifestyle healthy. It well and exercise well. It can be treated once the cause for the sexual dysfunction determined. There should be comfort between you and your treating specialist and your partner for proper treatment. The doctor should know patient history in order to identify dysfunction, gynecological conditions or psychosocial information. Your treating doctor may give you counseling, suggest medication for any underlying cause or refer to a sex therapist. It should be kept in mind that because sexual dysfunction often has multiple causes, treatments cannot be universally applied.

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Indian Cricket

The usual morning haze will be starting to burn off when David Beckham strides out on to the turf at the Home Depot Center today to be unveiled as the glamorous new face of Major League Soccer. Not since Pele graced the long defunct New York Cosmos in the 1970s has the game across the pond boasted a name this glitzy. Yet, while LA Galaxy rejoice in their coup, the prevailing sense is that the entire domestic league is holding its breath to witness 'the Beckham effect' and gauge whether he can change the face of football in the United States.

The former England captain's image stared out from the front cover of Sports Illustrated this week, the first British sportsman to claim that honor since Ian Woosman in 1991, with the six-page article including one particular admission of note from the 32-year-old. "This is not a big brand thing," he said, reflecting the cynicism which greeted confirmation that he was leaving the Bernabu for league games at venues such as Dallas' Pizza Hut Park. "It's about me being the ambassador for MLS. If I can make people more aware and make kids realize that you can go into higher levels and make a great living from playing soccer, that's what I'm going over there to do."

Yet, despite the league, in its 12th year, being set to expand from 13 to 16 teams by 2010 and there being 42m Hispanics in the United States, many of whose allegiances lie with soccer rather than more traditional American sports, doubts persist as to whether Beckham's arrival can truly inspire a lasting interest in the game here and raise it to the next level.

"He is the first big superstar to come to the States and the MLS and I hope to God other players do come," said the former Italy international Giorgio Chinaglia, who was capped 14 times by his country, featured at the 1974 World Cup finals, moved to the North American Soccer League in 1976 and played alongside Pele at the Cosmos. "But one great player cannot revolutionize the sport. The league has to change its way of thinking.

"They are trying to say Becks is like Pele but I'm just waiting to see what he's like when he plays. First of all the salary is not $250m (120m) [over five years]. It's $5.9m for playing and he has deals on the side for so many shirts and other things because soccer in the US at the moment, as far as television is concerned, has no ratings and it's very difficult to sell merchandise."

LA Galaxy disagree. "We're already well over a quarter of a million units [replica shirts] that were ordered, without knowledge of what they were going to look like," said the club's general manager, Alexi Lalas, after the unveiling of a new strip, all white and reminiscent of Real Madrid, this week to tap into Beckham's arrival.

"MLS has never seen 70,000 people, the Red Bulls in New York average 10,000 at the moment and I don't think Beckham alone can change all that," said Chinaglia, who scored 242 goals in his 254 games in the NASL. "If they really paid $250m to recruits, then lots more stars would come but that's not the real figure. Good stars will only come here when their careers are over. When Pele came here he played just three years but the Cosmos only started getting big crowds after he left when we had Franz Beckenbauer, Johan Neeskens, Carlos Alberto and myself.

"We had more than one great player and 16 different nationalities. Chicago have got Cuauhtmoc Blanco, the Mexico international, but you need at least 50 players of that character. Besides, Pele and Maradona could dribble and score goals but David is a great player but doesn't score many goals, so it won't be easy for him. He's almost a special team player, like an American football player. But Galaxy are not a great team and they are struggling."

The Galaxy may be one of the most successful clubs in the league but they have been on decline since 2006 and languish second bottom of the Western standings at present with only three wins all season. The management staff instigated something of a mid-season reshuffle with Beckham one of a quintet of new faces in Carson City. Yet results will have to improve from now on in. "It's strange to see so many new faces coming in and to see people leaving too," said the US international Landon Donovan, the team's previous star performer. "But we had to do something.

"If we go out there and embarrass ourselves [because] our players are a bunch of individuals who don't work together, this whole thing goes up in smoke," said Tim Leiweke, president of AEG, which owns the Galaxy. While Beckham may have set his sights on helping the long-term development of the game in the United States, the short-term, and his ability to transform this club's slapdash season, is key to whether any of his objectives are met. The Galaxy boast 11,000 season ticket holders for their 27,000 seats and they expect average attendances to edge nearer capacity with Beckham in their ranks. The new arrival has a reputation to justify in the months ahead.

State of play in Major League Soccer

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