Monday, February 11, 2008

Editorial: IRMCO Event Showcases a Winning Workplace

You feel a different ethos when you step into a good workplace. There is an energy in the facility that is palpable and is shared by everyone who works there. Because weve become aware that the concepts that we espouse are sometimes easier to understand through experience, on October 19, 2006, Winning Workplaces took our mission of helping small and midsize businesses create better work environments to a workplace tucked into an industrial area within our hometown of Evanston, IL, one of the last remaining manufacturing businesses in the community.

IRMCO, a 92-year-old manufacturer of water-based, environmentally friendly lubricant technologies for the metal-forming industry, graciously hosted an open house and shared the secrets that have helped sustain the business against formidable odds. After the business day ended, several IRMCO associates stayed into the evening, keeping their doors open so that the 50 attendees of the open house, including staff and clients of First Bank & Trust, which sponsored the event, could see what a winning workplace looks like up close.

Why did we choose IRMCO as a successful small business example? Because the fourth generation family-owned business is not only surviving but thriving in an industry thats facing tough times with plant closures, downsizing and fierce foreign competition, among other problems. As IRMCO CEO William Jeff Jeffery said, One problem weve seen is that because there have been so many layoffs in the auto industry our largest customer base there are fewer trained engineers to make some of the decisions. The engineers who are left are doing the jobs of two or three people. So going green and choosing our products, even if we show them how that will save them money, is usually not high on their priorities list.

Yet, IRMCO has succeeded in demonstrating the cost-savings of its products to many car manufacturers, including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Toyota and Nissan. The companys advanced forming film technologies also help consumer products come together by brands including Lennox, John Deere and Speed Queen. As Jeffery explained, although the organizations headquarters is almost a century old, it is conducive to the modernized work thats done every day by only 13 full-time employees. Water-based lubricants are prepared on the facilitys second-floor blending department and then gravity fed to the first floor for packing and just-in-time shipment.

The open house allowed attendees to see four areas critical to IRMCOs work: the laboratory, detailed by Research Director Frank Kenny; the finance area, detailed by CFO Jennifer Kalas; the blending floor, detailed by Jeff Jeffery; and the warehouse area and garden, detailed by Jeffs brother, Brad Jeffery, the companys executive VP. These four IRMCO staff members packed a large amount of information in each tour stop.

Some of this information focused on best practices that have helped IRMCO grow its profits and staff commitment simultaneously. For instance, Brad Jeffery showed attendees the beach volleyball court-turned-garden that could be seen through the windows of the warehouses back door. Jeffery explained that this visual symbolizes the evolution of the companys work culture. At the time that our father passed away and Jeff and I started running the business, there was a lot of talk about giving employees more liberal freedom to make choices, he said. This resulted in new lab equipment purchases and, on the recreational side, staff retreats and the installation of the volleyball court.

Yet, even though these attempts were aimed at broadening IRMCOs work/life balance, management found that employees were not responding in kind by working harder. They werent focused like an owner, Jeffery said. As a business owner, you want your people to be as motivated as you are and concerned about costs and new clients. For IRMCO, this meant embracing open book management, a change several years in the making that ultimately helped workers see how their contributions affect the bottom line and impact the greater community. Employees, who are now committed to the success of the business, regularly identify solutions that lead to cost-savings and lessening IRMCOs environmental footprint. Further, employees have chosen to use the open space behind the building to plant a garden rather than play volleyball, and they donate its produce to soup kitchens.

In tough economic times for small enterprises and in an industry in which it seems that U.S. business are losing ground every day, IRMCO stands as the exception. Through trial and error, over a number of years, Jeff and Brad Jeffery have led IRMCO to implement progressive business practices and, most importantly, develop a team that works together to assure that they are providing leadership to help the metal-forming industry remain competitive in a changing global economy.

Winning Workplaces' goal is to provide small and midsize employers with proven, practical, and affordable people practices. Too often, the information and resources needed to create a high-performance workplace are out of reach for all but the largest organizations. Winning Workplaces is changing that by offering employers affordable consulting, training and information. We help employers assess needs and develop strategies to improve their workplace practices.

For more information, please contact us at:

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Sad But True

A good, honest, Internet friend of mine is not only sold on the concept and product, she, claims to be making money from uniformed money-hungry work at home enthusiasts that have not done, or even attempted, to research products they sell, for the companies they represent.

It reminds me of stories I read about "snake oil" salesman of the 19th century. Now its the "pills and potions" scam of the 21st Century. One of the most controversial is corral calcium. This cure-all is used to treat everything from athletic aches and pains to old age. Could this be a 21st Century placebo? Users actually claim it works.

What do professionals say about coral Calcium?

Alert! Coral Calcium Supplements Scam

"Coral calcium" is a dietary supplement said to be derived from "remnants of living coral that have fallen from coral reefs, as a result of wave action or other natural processes." It is also said to be mined from the old ocean beds at the base of the coral reefs in Okinawa, Japan [1:120]. Simply put, "coral remnants" are limestone, which coral organisms originally manufacture as a protective shell. Since coral reefs are protected by law, "coral calcium" is made by grinding up limestone that no longer contains live organisms." Stephen Barrett, M.D.

"The "discoverer" of coral calcium Dr Robert Barefoot claimed that the reasons Okinawans from Japan live longer was due to the fact that they have been drinking water rich in coral reef substances surrounding Okinawa. In addition, Dr Barefoot also suggested that coral calcium can "neutralize" the toxic acidity of our bodies as coral calcium is alkaline base. According to the coral calcium infomercial, taking coral calcium can cure up to 200 human diseases including heart disease, cancer, diabetes etc.

However, there is no evidence that calcium can cure any diseases. There is also no evidence that alkalinizing our bodies can stop cancer or reverse any ailments. In addition, coral reef is protected by international laws and hence it is likely that these coral calcium supplements came from fossilized coral beds i.e. industrial waste.

If you are concerned with your heart health, you may want to look at Omega 3 fatty acids and fish oils and vegetables instead of coral calcium. If you are concerned with cancer risk, you may want to look at your antioxidants and vegetables intake instead of coral calcium. If you wish to take calcium supplements to prevent osteoporosis, take the good old calcium carbonate or calcium citrate."

Written by Gloria Tsang R.D

Claims, Benefits: Not only the best source of calcium for your bones, but also cure or treatment for everything from cancer and Alzheimers to diabetes, and lupus.

Bottom Line: There is no evidence that coral calcium cures or treats any disease, or that it is better than a basic, inexpensive calcium carbonate pill.

How to Sell a 5 Supplement for $1

Debunking the wild claims made for supplements is an ongoing battle. The latest cure-all is coral calcium, promoted widely in health-food stores and on the Internet. Its probably the most expensive calcium pill in history.

UC Berkeley Wellness Letter, February 2003

If you are looking for the best natural alternatives, go to:

The Evidence About Okinawa Coral Calcium Supplements

"Research from recent calcium studies has shown that too much calcium may not be helpful for preventing fractures associated with osteoporosis and may in fact be linked to increased odds of developing prostate cancer in men . . . . For a good summary see The Harvard Health Letter, which recently warned: "If you are looking for consistency in health advice, don't pay too much attention to the studies of calcium intake and cancer."

Most of the health claims being made about coral calcium from Okinawa are based on the fact that the Okinawans are among the world's longest lived people and supposedly drink water containing coral calcium. Although Okinawa may have the world's highest concentration of centenarians, as well as extremely low mortality rates from diseases common in the West such as coronary heart disease, breast and prostate cancers, research shows that it has very little to do with their drinking water, as we explain in detail in our book "The Okinawa Program". Although drinking hard water (high mineral content that includes calcium, magnesium and other minerals) gives the Okinawans a boost in their calcium intakes, they still fall far below the calcium intakes of most Western countries."

I could go on about the overstated claims and high priced coral calcium. But I won't.

Those involved in selling their coral calcium supplements will continue doing so. Those experiencing the placebo effect of this overrated, over priced supplement will continue to shell out their hard earned money to these "pills and potions" peddlers.

What have I accomplished? Peace of mind. I will not sell the product.

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