Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Business Gifts - Act As Great Incentives

Rewarding your employees is an excellent way of motivating them and getting them work harder. Of course, given a choice, most employees will choose a raise over gifts but a wise employer knows that cash isnt always the best motivator. After all, most employees know that more sales will automatically equal more cash. However, by gifting your employees with thoughtful business gifts you can inspire them to think in terms of the company and increase their loyalty towards the organisation. Promotional business gifts can be great motivators, especially when they are combined with a little creativity. Here is a list of the top five business gifts that will pump up your employees with energy and enthusiasm.

  • A Company Jacket makes an excellent business gift, as it is a sign of instant recognition. A company jacket helps in building a strong sense of kinship within the organisation and this will have a positive impact on the productivity of your employees. Fashionable and well designed jackets serve as instant hits with the employees.
  • Nowadays, most employees prefer to work on laptops as it gives them excellent flexibility and mobility. By gifting your employees laptop bags embossed with the company logo you can make your employees feel valued and appreciated.
  • If some of your employees have to travel a lot, to create new business opportunities for the company. Gift them an airport cabin bag with rollers imprinted with the company logo.
  • Tech gadgets are loved by most employees, as they go a long way in making their lives easier and more productive. By gifting your employees a USB drive or a mini card reader, you can enable them to carry vast amounts of data. By imprinting them with the company name, logo and contact information, people can easily return the drive, if it gets lost.
  • Luxury business gifts are a way of telling your employees that its necessary to have fun and enjoy the pleasures of life as well. Picnic baskets, cameras and thermoses act as powerful reminders of those finer things that they are actually working for.
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